multifaith mural1.jpg

Unfolding Garden Mural Project

The Concordia Multi-Faith and Spirituality Centre stands for welcome, warmth, inclusivity, and diversity.  Those ideas are universal, important, and can be complicated. To represent the multiplicity of experiences that walk through this hallway every day, this mural takes the form of a mosaic: many bright colours, patterns, and textures all exist together harmoniously. The predominantly geometric pattern is overlapped in many places with organic shapes: leaves and water and rays of light. Sometimes the geometric diamonds also change size or blend in with one another. That is because nothing in the world is strictly linear/geometric/predictable. The interplay of organic shapes with geometric patterns represents the Multi-Faith Centre’s spirit of openness, and the ways traditions and ways of being can adapt and evolve.

The central sun, and the bright colours, warm the space just as the Centre’s visitors and staff do.

The moon and stars, the sun, the waves, and the leaves, all represent the natural world around us. The natural world is shared, valued, and needed by all humans regardless of identity; it shapes all of our experiences on this earth.

The Mural was painting in the summer of 2018, in acrylic.

multifaith mural1.jpg